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Accessible study resources and expert tutor instruction mean you’ll have the flexibility to study when and where you want. Whatever your circumstances, gain a recognised university qualification. Achieve your goals through part-time study with The Open University.

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Undergraduate degrees and qualifications

We’re experts in distance learning and online courses, having already helped over 2 million people reach their potential. Our flexible learning is highly respected by employers.

Social Sciences – Shaping our Society

Social sciences offer a varied and fascinating insight into the world around you. Our courses help you understand how society is made and remade. From consumerism and capitalism to social justice and the welfare state. We offer many qualifications in disciplines as such Psychology, Environment, Criminology and International Studies.

Business and management – Unlock your Potential

The OU are proud leaders in the delivery of flexible and accessible business and management education, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to take your career to new heights. We offer several degree pathways including leadership practice, marketing, innovation and enterprise and you can specialise business with other subjects such as computing.

Open Qualifications – Design your own Qualification

Not sure what subject to study? Are you interested in multiple areas? With the OU’s Open Degree qualification you can choose your own modules, expand your horizons and learn new skills. Our modular study allows you to explore new subjects, create your own path and find your true passion.

Arts and Humanities – Learn and Live

We offer a wide range of courses focusing on numerous subjects including English Language, English Literature, History, Philosophy and Creative Writing. Over 50,000 students are currently studying across the arts with us, with more than 10,000 studying English. We are internationally recognised for our teaching approach and our Music department is highly rated.

Engineering, Design and Technology – Innovating for a Better Future

The OU are proud leaders in the delivery of flexible and accessible business and management education, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to take your career to new heights. We offer several degree pathways including leadership practice, marketing, innovation and enterprise and you can specialise business with other subjects such as computing.

Law – A Flexible Legal Education

Law is a fascinating subject in its own right and a prerequisite for anyone wishing to practice as a solicitor or barrister. Our undergraduate law degree is the most popular in the UK. We are a pioneer of part-time distance learning in law, and are currently teaching over 9000 students across 45 countries. We invite you to join them.

Health and Social Care – Transforming Society

Its hard to imagine a more dynamic fast changing sector than health and social care in the UK. Innovations in policy and procedures, new standards for treatment and care provide constant challenges and opportunities for health professionals. Whether you are new to the sector, or looking to progress your career, we offer courses to fit around your working and family commitments.

Computing and IT – The future is Digital and it’s all yours

Dream of doing more in Computing and IT? Believe in yourself. Whether you want to upgrade your existing IT career or you are planning a complete career reboot, you will be in high demand as one of our computing and IT graduates. Start your own tech company or just boost your confidence, we are here to help you succeed.

Languages and Applied Linguistics – Open your World

In our ever increasingly interconnected world, there’s never been a better time to study languages. Open up global job opportunities and immerse yourself in other cultures with our languages qualifications. Our subjects include Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and a wide variety of English courses for academic and business purposes.

Drivers or eligible family members can now have access to flexible education with 100% course fees covered by Uber

Find a course that interests you

BSc (Honours) Computing & IT

This degree will help you to become a confident user and manager of information technologies; administer and manage network or database systems; and develop software solutions. Computing and IT skills have become fundamental to the way we live, work, socialise and play; they can open up the world of technology and an array of exciting career opportunities. This degree will give you a sound grasp of the principles of hardware-based, software-based, or systems-based technologies, and the ability to apply your knowledge and skills in a broad range of industries and organisations.

BA (Honours) Health and Social care

In today’s fast-changing care sector, professionals at all levels need to be proactive and flexible to succeed. This degree provides a sound and critical understanding of health and social care policy, theory and practice, and the skills you need for effective practice in a diverse, multidisciplinary environment. You’ll also understand how ethical, legal, social, economic and political factors influence the provision and development of services; and gain the critical and analytical skills that underpin evidence-based practice.

BA (Honours) Business Management

What do marketing professionals really do? How can you use marketing in non-commercial contexts for social good? What new challenges and opportunities arise on the online and global stage? In this specialist route available in our BA (Honours) Business Management (Q91) degree, you will develop an interdisciplinary perspective on the management of business organisations and build specialised knowledge and skills in marketing practice.

Choose from hundreds of qualifications and modules at The Open University.

Postgraduate degrees and qualifications

If you already achieved an undergraduate degree or have the relevant professional experience, you could consider studying one of our postgraduate courses.

You’ll apply your learning directly to your own context, and learn the independent, critical-thinking skills prized by organisations across all sectors, nationally and internationally – giving you a competitive edge in the real world of work, whatever your career goals.

MA/MSc Open

Do you want the freedom to create a personalised course of study across a range of academic disciplines? Then our innovative MA/MSc Open is ideal for you.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Study our triple-accredited and internationally-recognised MBA to advance your business skills and network with a global student base.

We offer over 180 postgraduate courses. Find the right one for you.

Access modules

Boost your confidence with an Access Module. If you have tried a few OpenLearn courses and feel you may want to study something a little more substantial, but are not sure what, then maybe an Access Module is the next step.

Designed specifically for OU students, an Access module allows you to study a range of broadly related subjects, giving you the time and space to build your learning confidence, and discover where your natural interests lie, before settling on your ultimate qualification goal.

These courses are designed for a gentle introduction to online learning, with courses structured over a 30-week period, but requiring less time, about 9 hours per week of study time, than many other programmes. This gives you more flexibility to fit your studies around the other commitments of daily life such as work, family and friends. 

The courses have no formal entry requirements… rather we are interested in your potential not your past experience.

Arts and languages

Business and law

Psychology, social science and wellbeing 

Science, technology and maths

Studying with the OU

How long will my course take?

How long your course takes depends on how many credits you study each year and which course you choose.

Flexible study means you can vary how long it takes to complete your course, as you fit it in around your other commitments.

You’ll study your course on a module-by-module basis, so you sign up only for what you’re going to study that year. If you have other commitments (such as work, family caring etc.) we recommend you sign up for one 30- or 60-credit module.

Uber will support tuition fees for up to 60 credits per academic year (or two short non-accredited courses per year). You are free to study at higher intensity levels than this, but any additional modules beyond this 60 credits limit each year will have to be self-funded.

For more information on how long it takes to study, discover Flexible study with the OU.

How will I study?
It’s important to know what to expect when your course starts. About two weeks before you’re due to start, your module website will open. On there, you’ll have access to a week-by-week study planner, assessment section, tutorial booking system, module forums, and accessible formats of all your learning materials.

Your study will either be entirely online, or a combination of online and printed modules. If you have additional requirements, we offer alternative formats, which you can request before beginning your first module.

You’ll also have access to our online library, which gives you worldwide access to trusted, quality online resources.

To find out more, explore Getting started with OU study.

How will I be assessed?

Assignments give you the opportunity to showcase what you’ve learned and build a foundation to improve on.

When your module starts, you’ll have access to its unique assessment guide, which will detail what you need to do on each assignment.

Rest assured; you’ll also have a module tutor to help you with your studies. So, if you’ve got a question about an assignment, they’re there to give you a hand.

Find out more by exploring the Assessment types section of the OU website.

How do I register on an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification?

Before you decide on the qualification you want to study, we strongly recommend that you look at our website and speak to an adviser about what study with the OU entails. You can also discuss which qualifications are right for you, what start dates are on offer and a bit more about the modules that count towards the qualification. You can liaise with an adviser by phone or web chat.

Once you have decided the qualification you are interested in, complete the following steps:

  • Check your eligibility and register your details with the OU via the Uber Pro App
  • Complete and return the Registration Agreement and HESA form the OU emails you.
  • Send evidence (postgraduate study only) to confirm you meet the entry requirements.
What if I need to change my module start date?

If you find that the start date you are registered on is no longer suitable either before or after module start date, you need to contact us to discuss study options. You also need to refer to Changing your study plan information found here.

Support and the OU community

If you think distance learning means studying alone, think again. When you study with us, you’ll gain access to the UK’s largest student community.

Each module you study will have a dedicated forum used by students. These are moderated by module tutors, who can join in if they need to.

You’ll also have a subject-specific Student Support Team. They can help with general questions about your study, support you if you’re struggling, or if you need to talk through your options.
For students with additional needs, we’re committed to providing accessible study materials, specialist equipment, tailored assessments, residential school support, support accessing tutorials, and financial help.

For more information on what’s available, visit Support and the OU community.

Tutors and tutorials
Our students tell us their tutor’s support is the most valuable element of their study.

For each module, you’ll be assigned a tutor. They’ll mark your assignments and provide feedback, guide you to the right learning resources, and provide individual guidance to each student.

Learn more about our tutor system by exploring Tutors and tutorials.

Drivers or eligible family members can now have access to flexible education with 100% course fees covered by Uber

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Drivers or eligible family members now have access to flexible education with 100% course fee coverage

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