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Build in-demand career skills and knowledge with world-class microcredentials on The Open University’s social learning partner platform, FutureLearn.

 What is a microcredential?

A microcredential is a flexible online short course with academic credit, designed to help you quickly build in-demand career skills and knowledge.

Created by world-class Open University (OU) academics and often endorsed by high-profile industry partners, microcredentials are:

  • Fast – 10–12 weeks, 10-13 hours a week
  • Accessible – 100% online
  • Prestigious – Academic excellence and workplace relevance
  • Specialised – Relevant and emerging skills
  • Earn credit – 10–15 academic credits
  • Start – October, March and June

96% of our learners rate the skills learnt as good or excellent, according to the end-of-course survey.

Study on FutureLearn

OU microcredentials are delivered on our social learning partner platform, FutureLearn.

You can learn through bite-size activities, long and short-form articles, audio, and practical activities, and share ideas with your co-learners.

What next?

  1. Choose an OU microcredential on FutureLearn (don’t register on FutureLearn)
  2. Check your eligibility and register your details with the OU via the Uber Pro app
  3. Complete the application emailed to you by the OU
  4. Accept your place when FutureLearn emails you

To apply for an OU microcredential funded by Uber, click on the ‘Check your eligibility’ button below.

Please don’t register on the FutureLearn website.

OU microcredentials on FutureLearn

Quickly develop in-demand skills and knowledge.

Leadership & Management

Leadership & Management – Become a better manager

Develop business skills, such as financial accounting, marketing and project management. Make better business decisions, even in times of uncertainty. Guide teams through change and help them adapt. Have a positive impact on your organisation’s performance.

Computing & Digital Technologies

Computing & Digital Technologies – Level up your technical skills

Gain industry-focused skills to help grow your career. Upskill in growth areas including machine learning, cyber security and coding. Practise your newfound skills in a test environment. Opportunities for beginners and those looking to specialise.

Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability

Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability – Become a catalyst for change

Develop a deeper understanding of the climate crisis and discover the latest scientific facts. Explore real-world scenarios. Assess ways to mitigate the impact of climate change. Lead your organisation in making sustainable climate-positive changes.

Teacher Development & Inclusive Learning

Teacher Development & Inclusive Learning – Grow your teaching expertise

Learn how to take your teaching online without losing impact. Explore how to tailor your course to your audience. Develop educational leadership skills. Address pressing teaching considerations, including inclusivity and mental health.

Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care – Upskill for today’s care sector

Gain critical knowledge and skills to identify and address mental health issues in children and young people. Focus on developmental stages and social environments. Examine theory and practice. Learn to implement strategies and interventions.

To apply for an OU microcredential funded by Uber, click on the ‘Check your eligibility’ button below.

Please don’t register on the FutureLearn website.

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Want to know more?

For more about Open University microcredentials, contact our Uber Registration Team.

Studying with the OU

What is FutureLearn?

FutureLearn is a leading social learning platform formed in 2012 by The Open University to extend our mission to open up education for all by offering a diverse selection of online courses from leading universities and cultural institutions around the world.

FutureLearn is now co-owned by Global University Systems. It has a global network of over 18 million learners and has more than 250 global partners, including a quarter of the world’s top 250 universities and leading organisations such as Accenture, the British Council, CIPD, Raspberry Pi and Health Education England (HEE).

Please note, FutureLearn offers many courses from other education suppliers, only Open University microcredentials are currently available under the Uber programme.

How do I register on a microcredential?

To register for a fully funded place on an Open University microcredential, you will need to:

  1. Choose an OU microcredential that you would like to study on the FutureLearn website
  2.  Check your eligibility on this website and register your details with the OU via the Uber Pro app
  3. Complete the application form the OU will email to you
  4. Accept your place on the microcredential when FutureLearn emails you to ask to confirm your place.

Please don’t register directly on the FutureLearn website.

You can only register for the next microcredential course start date, and you will need to check your eligibility and complete your application before the deadline.

For more support or information about Open University microcredentials, please contact our Uber Registration Team:

How will I study a microcredential?

Microcredentials are studied entirely online (on the FutureLearn platform) and you will need to create an account with FutureLearn to start learning on the course. You’ll learn through a mix of bite-sized activities, long- and short-form articles, audio, video and practical activities to develop skills that you can immediately apply. You’ll share ideas and experiences with other learners; building skills, confidence, and knowledge.

The course is available for you to work through in your own time and complete at your own pace, as long as you complete the final assessment by the specified date. To get the best learning experience we recommend you work through the course week by week, as this will help you make the most of interactions with co-learners and ensure you don’t miss out on discussions or announcements. If you miss a week or fall behind you can continue to access earlier weeks’ learning materials and catch up.

Learners are supported by an on-course mentor who has an excellent understanding of the course subject; their role is to guide discussions and answer questions.

On passing a final assessment you will gain a Certificate of Completion to evidence your new skills. You will also receive academic credit which could be used in the future towards further study.

Can microcredentials be used towards university qualifications?

Potentially, yes. Microcredentials are stand-alone courses designed to meet specific learner and employer needs. Those awarded by The Open University have academic credit value at either undergraduate or postgraduate level, and, if appropriate, this may be used towards selected OU qualifications. For more details, including eligible qualifications, visit Counting microcredentials towards OU qualifications. 

The credit awarded may potentially be used at another university, subject to the agreement of the receiving institution. 

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Drivers or eligible family members now have access to flexible education with 100% course fee coverage

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